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n e w s u p d a t e !

well, from what i've deemed It seems that we've kind of abandonded this group for the most part, i really don't think that we should do that. It's the only community that i have a maintainer position for and really, why should i not change it up and make it better?

That's right, theres nothing holding me back..
So, I'm going to propose the idea that we bring back our livejournals again and start using them. At least for the summer. As well as propose that we have one meeting officially for the PLJs and also, that we use this community as a way to keep in touch with all the people in the area that are part of our little group.

So, that means. The next expected date for something the group will be attending would be AKON so if any of you have anything that you'd like to inform the group on then you can post it here and we can use this to talk about what were going to do.
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